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    Archives for Xmas gingerbread

    Xmas unforgettable moments

    Xmas unforgettable moments Xmas unforgettable moments. The smell of ginger and honey flavour has always been associated with joyful moments spent with family at the holiday table. Our new recipe comes from an old book of our great-grandmother. You can be assured that we didn't use any artificial preservatives. All of our cakes are freshly baked and use...

    Food photography tips

    Food photography tips When the cookies start to be an art. Today few words about food photography. As you know we have own photography studio with lamps. It lets us create session and learn, how to make food photography step by step. The first thing is to have concept and carefully to plan every shot....

    The winners

    The winners We are happy to announce the winners of absolutely perfect and delicious gingerbread cookies . As you probably know, Taste and Cookie is a new company on the Irish market and we appreciate your engaged. And now the results of the draw. The lucky winners are: Lisa Walsh Alison Lynch Bianka McDonagh Congratulations!...

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