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    In my kitchen Royal Icing recipe

    • personalised decorated biscuits
    In my kitchen Royal Icing recipe I have written previously, that my adventure with royal icing started with US blogs. Many of them post their recipes, and I often use them. The only problem with them was an US imperial measurement system, which differ from UK imperial. I was used to 1 cup being 250ml....

    Royal icing

    In my kitchen – Royal icing Believe me or not, but just one year ago, I had no idea what royal icing is! Impossible? When i needed some icing I just used powdered sugar and water. All variations were results of using lemon juice or alcohol instead od water. Just it! When I first found...

    Welcome in our tasty shop

    Welcome in our tasty shop Hi, this is the first post on our blog. We would like to thank all those who supported us when we created our shop. Especially thanks Grey Dash Advertising Agency and their graphic designers we created our “face”. They helped us to discover new opportunities and now we are open…

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