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    In my kitchen-Taste a Cookie

    • In my kitchen-Taste a Cookie
    • Snowy gingerbread
    • In my kitchen-Taste a Cookie
    • Snowy gingerbread

    In my kitchen – Taste a Cookie: The beginning

    From when I remember, I always loved to bake cakes. Various ones: danishes, fruitcakes, maringues and of course cheesecakes. The last one is often very difficult to make and can be frustrating.

    So why, for nearly a year, I bake only my cookies? Constantly and always the same shortbreads?

    Just beacause they are the base for all the rest 🙂 which in this case means tons of fun with royal icing!

    I have never ever seen something like this! OK – I knew that cookies can be decorated in various ways. But it was all the extras that make them look so good. You know: nuts, chocolate, candied fruits and delicacies. I have never seen the cookies that could look like miniature painting before!! For the first time, I saw those marvels on Sweetopia and, I fall in love. I started reading and watching videos about them. On the one hand I was amazed because I saw this beautiful work and huge variations in themes and decorating. I really wanted to make them myself! But on the other hand, I got scared of how much work is still ahead of me, how much I still need to learn. And believe me: it is soooo much harder than making cheesecakes 🙁

    In my kitchen-Taste a Cookie

    In not so long time, the whole year will pass, from when I started getting to know secrets of royal icing. I’m sometimes tired, but often very excited by this cookie madness. I would like to tell you about my begginings, because they are still quite fresh in my memory.

    I had to completly change my cookie making habits. Until now it was quick and easy. Often very fast, because I didn’t bother rolling the dough. It would go straight on dough sheets or I would form them into cylinders and cut them with a knife. Easy! But for a year I work hard on my muscles 🙂 I just roll and cut out, roll and cut out, all the time. Nigella Lawson once said that rolling might be used as therapy. And I can’t do anything with it, but believe it. Because I’m one of those people who love something or just hate it, so I love it. Of course I work with a plan, I have to project my cookies, so I know what cut out forms I will need (usually 5-7 shapes). If someone at least once had to bake christmas cookies or gingerbreads, remembers the chaos in the kitchen, and definitely their first NEVER EVER AGAIN. But I’m just relaxing here 🙂 I have to do it almost daily, however I still can’t get tired! We’re just at the beggining of the journey, I have eight dough sheets of cookies not even the oven. Right now they have to “relax” in the fridge. Preferably for few dozens of minutes. Minimum of one hour, but I don’t believe that. Mine like to rest for at least 2 or 3 hours. If they don’t get their “cold dose” they will get moody and start messing in the oven: grow and spill all over the dought sheets. And I don’t need a shapeless mass. So I just wave my leg and wait…

    Already mentioned royal icing will come soon.
    Maybe even in the next episode.

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