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    In my kitchen Royal Icing recipe

    • personalised decorated biscuits
    • personalised decorated biscuits

    In my kitchen Royal Icing recipe

    I have written previously, that my adventure with royal icing started with US blogs. Many of them post their recipes, and I often use them. The only problem with them was an US imperial measurement system, which differ from UK imperial. I was used to 1 cup being 250ml. In US system 1 cup equals to 237ml. But I didn’t know that back then. This difference (quite small) had tremendous effect in the end. I couldn’t get the stiff royal icing. I didn’t know why I couldn’t get it. What do I do wrong? Only after some time I concluded that ratio between sugar and water had to be wrong. And to stop measuring everything with my eye I had to AGAIN change all of the units. But I succeeded and this is my, proven, recipe for royal icing:

    177ml of water

    1kg of powdered sugar

    5Tbs of meringue powder

    Add water and meringue powder to a mixer bowl. Mix – but don’t whisk! (approx. 30 seconds).  Add sifted powdered sugar. Mix on idle and whisk for about 10 minutes. Consistency will change until you get smooth and stiff mass. Transfer to container, cover with foil to protect it from drying out. That’s it. But I also have one very important advice: powdered sugar has to be sifted! Believe me, I already tried to skip this step, because of my laziness… The effect was that, decorating cookies was awful! Icing only seemed to be smooth, but working with it was very slow. And that’s why I don’t make this mistake anymore and prefer to make my work easier by just sifting the sugar…

    And when we have the royal icing ready, we “just” have to choose the colours and the right consistency. They have to be suitable for each project. In my opinion this part is the hardest. The only working method here is trial and error. Only this way you get to know your preferences with Royal Icing. I’ll of course write about it the next time.

    Remember that cookies are art, and like any artist, each cookie
    decorator has their own style.

    Good luck!

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