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    Food photography tips

    Food photography tips

    When the cookies start to be an art.

    Today few words about food photography. As you know we have own photography studio with lamps. It lets us create session and learn, how to make food photography step by step. The first thing is to have concept and carefully to plan every shot.
    We love to search old things and use them in our sessions we use them to good picture composition. Many of our session are ascetic we focus on our product. Sometimes is good sometimes we are not convinced and we need to recompose a shot. Few samples of technique we use in our food sessions. Lights. We usually use main softbox as direct light and another softbox as the fill light. Position 11 and 4. Main light can simulate natural light and second gives us a little bit shine on surface of things and product we use in our food sessions. Sometimes we add, to our photo composition, a silver reflector and a few mirrors to simulate more reflection of light.
    The rest is fun and depend on our imagination.
    See you soon and we will continue food photography tips.
    Camera we used: Canon 7D
    Below you can find useful links about food photography and more.

    Karl Taylor – commercial photographer

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