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    Be creative

    Be creative Sometimes, they ask us how to be creative. It's simple. Gather inspiration from the world around you. Observe and pay attention. Sometimes go back to their memories are just as real as reality surrounding you. Remember, every human being is creative time, more or less. So chin up and go to work. Use the gift you have and do something useful instead of reading this post. We've just prepared a new photo shoot. FB Share

    In my kitchen Royal Icing recipe

    • personalised decorated biscuits
    In my kitchen Royal Icing recipe I have written previously, that my adventure with royal icing started with US blogs. Many of them post their recipes, and I often use them. The only problem with them was an US imperial measurement system, which differ from UK imperial. I was used to 1 cup being 250ml. In US system 1 cup equals to 237ml. But I didn't know that back then. This difference (quite small) had tremendous effect in the end. I couldn't get the stiff royal icing. I didn't know why I couldn't get it. What do I do wrong? Only after some time I concluded that ratio between sugar and water had to be wrong. And to stop measuring everything with my eye I...

    Royal icing

    In my kitchen – Royal icing Believe me or not, but just one year ago, I had no idea what royal icing is! Impossible? When i needed some icing I just used powdered sugar and water. All variations were results of using lemon juice or alcohol instead od water. Just it! When I first found this royal icing, I had to firstly discover what was this mysterious meringue powder. And what is it? - you ask. Trivial, it is pasteurized egg white. Just it! All the mystery gone :) And why everyone use it instead of normal egg white? To remove the risk of salmonella. But how do I get it??? Oh right, so I just mix meringue powder with sugar and water and I...


    RED VELVET Cake Do you remember our Carrot Cake? We'd like to show you our next after hours work. We love baking. So, surprise for today RED VELVET Cake. Who wants to get the recipe? Just like this post on our FB page #cake #baking Share

    Ingredients we use …

    Ingredients we use … Here you can check all ingredients we use to produce our tasty cookies. Our shortbreads are produce with the best Irish products such as unsalted pure butter, flour, sugar and eggs. On the top you can find Royal Icing made from the best quality ingredients: Meri-white meringue and royal icing mix (Ingram Brothers, Paisley PA1 1QA) and icing sugar. We also use dedicated colours from Wilton Company ( As you can see we take care about quality for your satisfaction and safety.   Feel free to ask about our production process.

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